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We believe in connecting real people with real jobs, unlike other healthcare placement agencies that merely match up job descriptions with resumes without actually speaking to you about what you want out of your career.

Critical Connection is a recruiting firm that works on behalf of each client’s interests and goals to provide a steady, dependable source for the highest quality candidates who are the best fit for that healthcare organization or private practice.

Taking the time to understand your individual business practices, values, and specific staffing challenges is just the first step in our highly selective and personalized screening process.


Critical Connection is your advocate and your partner in the candidate selection process. Because we first take the time to understand your organization’s larger needs and your expectations for a potential hire, our experienced search firm professionals are able to pinpoint—and attract—the best candidates.

We go beyond resume reviews, practical assessments, and database scanning. We supplement these basics with a series of personal and detailed interviews, as well as comprehensive background checks (including previous employers and references, criminal records, and licenses and degrees). There’s no need to waste time placing want ads and meeting with countless candidates.

Critical Connection’s exclusive process consistently guarantees the best professional and personal fit between Critical Connection candidates and clients. Make the connection.

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