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Critical Connection’s superior customer service and comprehensive process guarantees the right fit between Critical Connection candidates and clients. Healthcare organizations and private practices count on Critical Connection as a reliable source for the highest-quality candidates, while those candidates find success and strengthen their careers.

We love to hear from our clients and therapists. Feedback is always appreciated as we strive to provide you with a successful placement process. Please feel free to contact us by emailing

Client Testimonials

"I’ve had the pleasure working for Critical Connections for the past 5 years as a Contracting Physical Therapist. Critical Connection has grown astronomically over that time. Critical Connection offers full-time, PRN, and traveling opportunities throughout the nation. While other organizations treat you as a number, members of Critical Connection treat you as a person. The owner and CEO, Telly Telhan, and his associates are focused on fitting you with the employment that fits your personality and needs. Critical Connections takes their time to familiarize themselves with each job opportunity regardless of location. Telly personally makes sites visits in the DC metro region to assure his staff is satisfied with their placement. Other corporations don’t necessarily taken advantage of that opportunity and can leave one feeling that the job placement is not in the preferred location and doesn’t fit expectations.

Telly and Critical Connection have gone above and beyond my expectations. Telly has made the last 5 years the most enjoyable of my career. He has taken the time to get to know me on a personal level, which has made advancing as a clinician that much easier. Discussing goals and optimizing personal satisfaction with employment is a lot easier when you work with people who take the time to know who YOU are."

            -Kristy Green, Physical Therapist

"Choosing the right company to present you to an organization and represent you during the contract term is absolutely essential. I had to go through four other companies and three terrible contracts to find Critical Connection, which is one of the few places that business is performed professionally and correctly. While other companies militantly spam your mobile device with a false allure of grandeur in a manner comparable to car salesmanship, Critical Connection has created a model focused around placing their clients in the most compatible and advantageous settings. The owner and CEO of Critical Connection, Telly Telhan, practices in manner that ensures all parties have tangible, positive gains. Telly has made it his personal mission to prioritize therapist satisfaction far above company advancement. And to his credit, he knows each and every one of his clients by name.

All considered, Critical Connection is a company that brings security and opportunity in the realm of traveling as a therapist. Traveling with Critical Connection offers the most lucrative package with full medical benefits, incomparable continued education opportunities without stipulations, and extremely flexible work schedules open to negotiation that is not offered to full time employees.It is refreshing to work with a company that empowers, highlights, and defends the necessity of our skilled services. Telly and Critical Connection have exceeded all my expectations and continue to provide numerous work opportunities in all zip codes."

           -Won Yoo, Travel Physical Therapist

"In this era of difficult staffing in Physical Therapy, Critical Connection has helped to keep me fully staffed. I appreciate the screening process that they follow so that the applicants we interview are appropriate for the positions we have open. I would highly recommend Telly Telhan and his company Critical Connection to meet any staffing needs. Otherwise I would not have stayed with them for eight years."

-R.J., The Jackson Clinics

"Critical Connection is the BEST! The staff here is really professional, and they provide truly personal attention in a friendly manner. They are extremely cooperative in working with and for you without the aggressive, overbearing attitude you often experience when working with recruiting firms. Telly and his team actually listen to me. They go above and beyond every single time to place you in a setting that meets your requirements."

- C.M., Travel PT, Spartanburg, SC

"I have worked with Telly both as a job seeker and to seek therapist for my own practice. Telly takes time to understand your need to find you the perfect fit. Once I started working with Telly for my requirements I did not ever have to look for another service provider. He is personable, easy to work with and has the fairest business terms in the whole industry." ""

- P.S., Physical Therapist

"As Assistant Director of Rehabilitation at Baltimore Washington Medical Center, I have used Critical Connection for temporary rehab staffing needs for more than five years. I have found them very professional to deal with and they are aware of licensing issues and Joint Commission requirements for both physical and occupational therapists. This company is responsive to meeting specific facility regulatory requirements for providing updated licenses, current CPR proof, required shots, safety training, and infection prevention training."

- S.O., Assistant Director of Rehabilitation, Baltimore Washington Medical Center

"My experience working with Critical Connection was first as a physical therapist moving to a new area and then as an employer looking for new staff for my office. As a physical therapist, it was nice to know that the experienced staff at Critical Connection had my interests at heart and was willing to go the extra mile to help me find the perfect fit for my skills. Then, as an employer, they assisted me further with helping me to fully staff offices with well experienced, qualified and talented professionals. I will continue to depend on Critical Connection for all of my staffing needs because they are the most reputable and professional group in the area which has always exceeded all my expectations."

- S.S., DPT, Clinical Educator, Physical Therapy and Sports Assessment Center

"CCI is one of our valuable partners for placement outsourcing.  When we require additional outside assistance, CCI responds in a timely manner to our needs.  The professionals at CCI are always professional, considerate, detail oriented, and willing to work within our processes.  CCI has always presented qualified, prepared candidates.  I would not hesitate to recommend Critical Connection, Inc. to be a valuable asset to your placement strategies."

- D.G., PT, Area Vice President, Physiotherapy Associates

"I have interacted with Telly and his staff since 2008 as both a therapist working in the field and more recently as a client who employs therapists at Suburban Hospital. Critical Connection has provided our hospital with very competent therapists who have an enormous amount of professionalism and skill. Every interaction I have had with Critical Connection has been very informative and I have always gained the intentional outcome. The staff at Critical Connection is organized with the appropriate paperwork and has acted diligently to assist in any way necessary. As a therapist working for Critical Connection, I had always been placed in various positions in a timely manner and provided with the settings of choice. I am also very impressed at the amount of resources in which Critical Connection has provided me both locally and nationally. I have referred multiple different occupational, physical, and speech therapists to Critical Connection over the years and have received positive feedback from each therapist. As a manager at Suburban Hospital, each therapist we have taken as a contractor has been hard working and reliable."

- K.H., Occupational Therapy Clinical Coordinator, Suburban Hospital  

"Critical Connection was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm really glad I found them. I just think the process of looking for a job is terrifying. Plus I was working a lot of hours and just didn't have much time to spend trying to find a new job. What I really wanted was to make a career change, switch from inpatient to outpatient and start to finally pursue my hand certification. I am a really picky person, but Telly was so patient with me through the process. I told him exactly what I wanted, and then I spent a couple of months interviewing with different practices until I found the one I wanted, and I must have asked Telly a million and a half questions, but he was always great about it. I completely changed my career, and it was a lot less time consuming and less stressful working with Critical Connection. You always hear such nasty things about recruiters and agencies, but that wasn't my experience at all. I had Telly's full support and consultation every step of the way, and I was still in control of what was happening which was great."

- R.H., OTR/L, Vienna, Virginia

"We have had the immense pleasure to work with Critical Connection over the past year and have been impressed by their professionalism, prompt staffing, and dedication to their clients. More specifically, Critical Connection has always provided us with the most highly qualified, credentialed therapists that proved to be the perfect fit for our company and its culture. We highly recommend Critical Connection, Inc. We strongly value our relationship with this company and have no doubt that we will continue working with them for years to come."

- S.F., Office Manager, NAS Rehab

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